Korma District Memorial Museum n.a. P.N. Lepeshinsky

The idea to found the memorial museum was realized in 1968 by the fellow countrypeople. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the museum lost its importance but it acquired a new sense with the support and initiatives of the local authorities. On 19 January 2010, there was a solemn opening of the memorial museum. It became a center for the youth patriotic education in the region. The main exposition of the museum reflects the life, struggle, and work of the legendary revolutionary and Lenin's comrade, the teacher-reformer and talented writer - Panteleymon Lepeshinsky. The four memorial halls presents antique furniture of the Lepeshinsky family, brought from the Moscow apartment of the House of the Government, and the private belongings of the family: a working desk, a secretaire, a microscope, a gramophone, rare books from the personal library, paintings by P.  Lepeshinsky as well as numerous photographs of the pre-revolutionary and Stalin periods. Besides, there are halls of local history and ethnography, in which visitors can get acquainted with the history of the region, its traditions and customs. The number of fund items is 2,256. In 2011, on the basis of the memorial museum, there was a solemn opening of the Center for Information and Communication Technologies within the project "International Chernobyl Research and Information Network" (ICRIN), This project was implemented due to the Program of the UN development.